5 Books That Will Inspire Your Holistic Journey to Recovery

5 Books That Will Inspire Your Holistic Journey to Recovery

“Today I share about my addiction and recovery journey as often as possible because I don’t want to die all alone in a dark closet, shrouded in shame beside the decomposing skeletons I tried to desperately to hide. I want to live.”

–       Author Shannon Egan, of No Tourists Allowed: Seeking Inner Peace and Sobriety in War-Torn Sudan

As we embark on a path that was previously unbeknownst to us, books can give us a glimpse into other’s lived experiences, with the hope that we’ll take some of those lessons and apply them to our lives. The turn of a page can transport us to another world – another time, another place, another moment – yet the lessons are universal. The emotions experienced – pain, joy, shame, grief and more – are all human experiences that can be translated across any language. If you’re ready to get inspired in your journey to recovery, there are some truly motivational stories to read:

1.     This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol, by Annie Grace

2.     Integral Recovery, by John Dopuy

3.     Awakening the Brain, by Charlotte A. Tomaino

4.     Clean: Overcoming Addiction and Ending America’s Greatest Tragedy, by David Sheff

5.     May Cause Miracles, by Gabrielle Bernstein

Recovery is about strengthening the mind, body and spirit, and each of these books emphasize that through simple descriptions, practical advice and anecdotes, new perspectives, strategies and more, a person can become stronger. Hip Sobriety, a website created by Holly Whitaker, a sobriety coach, teacher and much more, stated back in 2016 that recovery is not a simple process – it involves a lot of experiences and lessons that coincide with our mind, body, spirit, relationships, communities, environment, purpose, and much more. Through reading, we can connect with others in a magical way – by entering a realm in which we get a glimpse of someone else’s life, with the opportunity to be motivated, educated, and/or inspired by it.

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