Could Laughter Be a Crucial Part of Recovery?

Could Laughter Be a Crucial Part of Recovery?

If you were to contemplate for just a moment – when is the last time that you had a great laugh? Perhaps you cried because you were having so much fun, or you felt so much lighter after having hear a joke or witnessing something funny, and you felt like a child again. Laughter is rarely talked about in addiction recovery, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not important – in fact, it could be a crucial element to your long-term happiness and health. In 2016, researchers published a review in The Open Nursing Journal about the potential benefits of humor in treatment for substance use disorders (SUDs). These were some of the benefits listed:

·    Provides individuals with an increased ability to cope with stress and anxiety

·    Improved mood

·    Related to feelings of hope, optimism, energy, and vigor

·    Improved problem-solving abilities

·    Stimulation of circulation and improved cardiovascular and respiratory function

·    Enhanced learning and memory

·    And more

How does laughter fit into addiction recovery? Many people in recovery from addiction experience many of the deficits and setbacks that humor can aid. For example, difficulty learning and retaining information can be found after long-term substance abuse; humor can spark up neuropsychological and psychosocial functioning, giving many people the opportunity to strengthen those skills again. As humor can motivate us to hold more positive perceptions, those in addiction recovery are likely to witness more hopeful outcomes as they navigate their recovery journey.

A 2015 literature review conducted by researchers from Nova Southeastern University found that many people in addiction recovery develop some quality character strengths, such as: wisdom, integrity, vitality, love, hope, and spirituality. Laughter can truly encourage these character traits to grow, as it opens up our childlike-mind with an openness to the present moment. In a sense, it’s a form of mindfulness – and the more in-tune we are to something that makes us laugh, the more benefits we will reap from it.

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