Evidence-Based Treatment: What is a Neurofeedback Therapy Session Like?

Evidence-Based Treatment: What is a Neurofeedback Therapy Session Like?

Neurofeedback therapy began back in the 1950’s and 1960’s, through Dr. Joe Kamiya at the University of Chicago and Dr. Barry Sterman at UCLA. As a non-invasive form of evidence-based treatment, neurofeedback therapy can help treat ADHD, stress disorders, anxiety, depression, headaches, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and many other issues that often occur alongside or in light of addiction. If you’re considering neurofeedback therapy, you’ll find that you’re better able to regulate some of the physical and emotional responses that you have by visually watching your brainwave patterns and practicing regulating them.

Most people consider neurofeedback therapy to be relaxing and enjoyable, primarily because they get to sit back while listening to music, playing a game, or watching another stimulating activity. The brain has 100 billion neurons, but these neurons can sometimes become “dysregulated” which essentially becomes the new “norm” for our brain. A neurofeedback session typically goes like this:

1.     You complete an assessment, briefly describing some of the pain and/or challenges you’ve been experiencing.

2.     You will be placed in a quiet seating area, where a therapist will then place sensors on your head that read your brain wave patterns.

3.     For approximately 30 minutes, you will enjoy an audio or visual activity that will stimulate your brain. You may hear or see occasional “blips”, and that is sent as a signal for your brain to “reset” and optimize.

4.     By the end of the session, you will likely feel less stressed – and after several sessions, you’ll likely feel as though you have enhanced clarity.

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