How Can Sobriety Improve Your Work Life?

How Can Sobriety Improve Your Work Life?

There are many reasons to get treatment for a substance use disorder. Among the top reasons people typically cite for getting help are that substance use is hurting their relationships with friends and family, they’re suffering health problems, and they don’t feel in control of their lives. Another major reason is that substance use can take a major toll on your professional life. In addition to improving your relationships, health, and general wellbeing, you might find sobriety improves your work life in the following ways.

It stops the downward slide.

Typically, substance use has little or no effect on your work life at first, but as your substance use issues get worse, it becomes almost impossible to keep them out of the workplace. It may start with getting to work late in the morning because you feel a bit rough from the night before. You may start leaving work early to get a drink. You may eventually start drinking or using drugs during the work day. Your performance is likely to start sliding long before you reach this point, since you are likely to be tired and distracted. However, sobriety reverses this trend. It’s easier to show up on time because you don’t wake up feeling terrible. You’re more focused on your work. These rapid improvements are why many employers support employees who want to seek treatment for substance use.

It connects you to sober coworkers.

Unless you work for a very small company, there’s a good chance that you work with some other sober people. Connecting with these people may help you in surprising ways. You may discover that your boss or your boss’s boss is also in recovery and understands what you’ve had to overcome to get back to work. Or you may meet a younger employee you can can mentor. Making these kinds of connections is good for your career and good for your recovery, since there are people right in your workplace you can lean on for support.

You address other problems that were holding you back.

Most of the time, a substance use disorder isn’t just about the substance itself. Most people have another mental health issue, such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, OCD, or borderline personality disorder. These can all hold you back in different ways, even if substance use weren’t an issue. If, in the course of your treatment for substance use, you also start treating your ADHD or borderline personality disorder, that’s also going to significantly improve your performance at work.

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