How Your Relationship with Your Family Can Impact Your Addiction Recovery

How Your Relationship with Your Family Can Impact Your Addiction Recovery

A Zen proverb states, “If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.”

Addiction recovery can involve so many ups and downs – as can life – and as human beings, it’s social support that helps keep us grounded and moving forward even when we’re faced with challenges. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) notes community as one of the four major dimensions that support life in recovery, alongside health, home, and purpose. Relationships and social support bring us so much light and can give us hope and love, even when we’re feeling depleted of it ourselves.

In 2015, researchers published a study in the International Journal of High Risk and Behavioral Addiction assessing perceived levels of family support from those in recovery and the impact of this perception on relapse in addiction recovery. Eighty individuals completed surveys with questions being centered around their family’s expression of emotions, perceived social support, and frequency of relapse. Overall, they found that the greater the lack of perceived social support was from their family, the greater the greater the frequency of addiction relapse for those in recovery.

How can those in recovery combat relapse if their family isn’t actively supportive of them?

A 2016 study titled “Benefits of Peer Support Groups in the Treatment of Addiction” emphasized that peer support groups are showing much promise for those in recovery, especially as it relates to relapse, treatment engagement, craving and self-efficacy. As it turns out, family support is an incredibly powerful component of recovery, but other sources, such as our peers through group treatment, our therapist, and other leaders in the recovery community can be major sources of benefit to us, too.

Perhaps what’s most important in recovery is continuing to walk along the path while surrounding ourselves with those who support the journey we’re on – whether they’re family or not.

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