In What Ways Can Exercise Benefit Those in Recovery?

In What Ways Can Exercise Benefit Those in Recovery?

Recovery is a lifetime process because it truly takes a lifetime to take care of and maintain our mind, body and spirit. It’s not just those in addiction recovery who must work on building a healthy balance of these three core aspects of human existence – everyone must do this. For those recovering from addiction, however, many of these essentials may seem more difficult to employ because addiction has a way of “hijacking” the brain. As chemicals in the brain are altered from alcohol and/or drugs, the mind and body become accustomed to using substances rather than ensuring a healthy diet, healthy mindset, and healthy lifestyle overall. Nutrition offers many direct pathways to optimizing brain functioning, but it doesn’t stop there. Exercise is another area of recovery worth exploring – and you’ll see why.

According to new research published by the University of Buffalo Research Institute, exercise can impact the brain in many ways which are conducive to addiction treatment:

–       Increase heart rate

–       Promote breathing and circulation of oxygen through blood

–       Decreases diabetes

–       Helps prevent and decrease heart disease and arthritis

–       Provides many mental health benefits, such as reducing symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression

–       And more

Dr. Thanos, senior research scientist and senior author of the study aforementioned, told Medical Express in 2018, “…Aerobic exercise has been effective in preventing the start, increase and relapse of substance use in a number of categories, including alcohol, nicotine, stimulants and opioids.”

Addiction recovery concerns the mind, body and spirit, as all three are heavily impacted when a person abuses substance. Exercise can combat some of the harms that addiction causes to a person by training their mind and body to perform differently, by challenging a person, by connecting them to others and so much more.

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