What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and How Can it Help in Recovery?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, can be defined as a short-term, goal-oriented psychotherapy. CBT focuses on problem solving and its approach is very hands-on and practical. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can be used to treat several different kinds of issues including trouble sleeping, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, and drug and alcohol addiction. As the name suggests, in CBT, your focus is on your cognitive processes, or ways of thinking, and how these thought processes influence the ways in which you behave. The time frames for CBT range, but most people tend to be in CBT for a shorter time than other modes of psychotherapy, as CBT is based on a set of principles. After you learn these principles, the therapist teaches you how to apply them to your everyday life. By applying these principles to your daily life and being aware of your thought processes, you can then have greater awareness and control over your behaviors and emotional responses. CBT has been shown to be a successful component in treating drug and alcohol dependence, in part because it tends to increase your awareness of thought patterns and how they relate to your behavior, which is extremely helpful during times of high stress or elevated emotion.

CBT teaches you how to interpret your thought patterns in a more neutral way. For instance, if you have a negative thoughts and what are referred to as “automatic thoughts.” Should you have a craving, CBT teaches you how to detach from the craving and not react to it. In this sense, CBT is an effective tool to help decrease the potential for relapse. When you’re aware of your thought patterns and have healthy tools at your disposal to react to those patterns in effective ways, getting caught up in negative thought patterns is less likely to occur. This means that relapse is less likely. It’s empowering to know that you have the tools to respond to thoughts in effective ways that support your recovery.

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Kimberly James

I am the founder and owner of The Beach House Treatment Center, The White House, Indigo Ranch, Sweetwater Mesa and Beach House Center for Wellness, all in Malibu, California.