What Occurs with Medically Supervised Detoxification?

What Occurs with Medically Supervised Detoxification?

One of the first steps towards recovery is undergoing detoxification, which is when the body naturally releases the toxins acquired from substance abuse. As the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) states, when addiction is active, the mind and body become accustomed to the type of substances, the dose taken, and the frequency of substances taken. Addiction directly effects the circuitry in our brain, which “hijacks” communication in the brain by telling us that the substances we’ve been taking are practically all we need. The damage caused by addiction must be reversed over time, and that’s where detoxification becomes a vital component to recovery. The problem is that for many people, detoxification is a deterrent from recovery due to perceived physical and emotional challenges that may stem from this type of cleansing. In these situations, that is where medically supervised detoxification appears as a potential option.

Medically supervised detoxification involves the administration of specific medications to reduce the severity of symptoms experienced during withdrawal. While these symptoms may vary by type and severity, they are often uncomfortable nonetheless. People may experience any of the following during detox:

·    Irritability, crying, excitability, self-harm

·    Depression, paranoia, severe anxiety, hallucinations, delirium

·    Insomnia, nightmares, racing thoughts, difficulty concentrating

·    Boredom, feeling “detached” from oneself, fatigue, feeling too cold or too hot

·    Congestion, stomach issues, seizures

·    And more

If symptoms of withdrawal become too painful or uncomfortable, medically supervised detoxification can ensure that a person is safe and taken care of during this time. Withdrawal typically lasts between 5 and 10 days, and a person may experience the peak of their symptoms around the two to three-day mark.

If the fear of withdrawal is holding you back from recovery, understand that it’s only temporary – and while it may be uncomfortable for a brief period of time, technology has made it to where medication can be taken to reduce symptom severity. It is now becoming a bit easier to go through detoxification – and in a safe environment surrounded by people who care about you, you know you’ll be on your way to treatment in no time.

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