Why Do Many People Incorporate Meditation into Addiction Recovery?

Why Do Many People Incorporate Meditation into Addiction Recovery?

Substance use disorders (SUDs) and other addictions are considered quite damaging to the mind, body and spirit, and that’s because they take away the grounding that a person has when they’re aware. When we’re in-tune to our thoughts, emotions and surroundings, we’re able to live more mindfully and in the moment; substances, on the other hand, take us away from all of these things by distorted our perceptions and essentially “hijacking” the brain. For hundreds of years, people from all over the world have practiced meditation as a way to ground themselves – and an evidence-based practice, it works.

A 2018 study published in the journal Substance Abuse Rehabilitation reviewed the significant, therapeutic effects that meditation can have on SUDs and relapse. After conducting a literature review, they found many ways (and types of addictions) that benefitted from meditation:

–       Participants reported significant improvements on working memory, response inhibition, and decision-making

–       Those with opioid addiction reported a reduction in sensitivity to triggers over time

–       Emotion regulation was noted as an improvement after meditation

–       In one study, participants who participated in meditation/mindfulness interventions reported greater reflective processing than those who didn’t

–       Those recovering from alcoholism found that meditation enhanced their ability to recover physiologically

–       People were able to derive more pleasure from nature rewards – such as spending time with others or engaging in healthy hobbies – than substance-related rewards

DrugFree.org explains that meditation and mindfulness can help teach people to understand not only what drives cravings, but also to learn how to deal with some of the discomfort that cravings create. As a holistic practice, many people find this is a beautiful addition to their recovery journey – and time and time again, people have found much transformation take place as they’ve engaged in the practice for a long time.  

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