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From an over dependence on prescription or pain medicine to abuse of illegal substances, drug addiction impacts people in all phases of life. The Beach House understands how quickly a drug problem can get out of hand, and our experts have developed drug addiction treatment plans for anyone ranging from a minor dependency to a full-blown addiction.

Our Drug Addiction Treatment Process

Since all drug dependency situations are unique, The Beach House provides customized and individualized drug addiction treatment options for our patients. Just like with any form of substance abuse, treatment options for one patient may not be as effective for another. Our medical team has decades of experience in addiction, substance abuse and psychology and use a proven and intensive evaluation process to find the program and treatment options that are right for every patient.

Drug Addiction Treatment

1. Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluations

The medical professionals at The Beach House perform extensive health and wellness assessments to determine the proper course of drug addiction treatment for each patient. Our experts consider everything from current symptoms and medical checks to psychological, psychiatric and psychosocial evaluations in their diagnosis. Our team will also look for dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders – such as a previously undiagnosed mental disease – which may also contribute to addiction or make it difficult to end a drug dependency. In addition, we analyze behavioral issues and environmental factors that might act as a drug use trigger for each patient.

This evaluation phase is especially detailed for drug addicts because the substances they are using may be causing chemical imbalances in their brains, impacting all facets of mental, physical and emotional well-being. Once we have completed our diagnosis, our experienced and licensed professionals will work individually with patients to agree on a custom treatment plan to recover from their drug addiction and return to a normal life.

Malibu Drug Addiction Treatment Center

2. Detoxification and Rehabilitation

In cases of severe drug addiction and dependency, our clinicians will supervise a detoxification process. The Beach House knows how difficult this phase can be for many patients, so our support staff is on hand 24/7 to monitor each patient’s withdrawal management process and provide medical or mental assistance should an issue arise. Once this process is complete, our trained experts will begin rehabilitating each patient depending on the type of program and plan to which that addict has been admitted.

3. One-on-one Therapy and Treatment Sessions

The Beach House provides individualized therapy with our addiction experts who ensure patients are recovering and on the path towards long-term sobriety. Our therapy and treatment programs may take place in any of our three main high-quality facilities.

  • Center for Wellness: Located about 15 minutes north of Malibu, this outpatient facility offers 24-hour support and services for local addicts who do not need an inpatient setting to control their drug addiction. The Center provides group sessions, community outreach and counseling and peer support groups for some of the inpatient addicts in the Professionals Program, as well as outpatients looking for a recovery option that will not hinder their day-to-day lives and career.
  • The Beach House: A beachfront facility in Malibu, this exclusive house provides onsite treatment and detoxification for patients in the Executive Program. In addition to the high-quality treatment options, the Beach House offers a relaxing and luxurious setting in a stress-free environment.
  • The White House: The most luxurious residential and treatment facility available, the White House is available exclusively for patients in the Executive Concierge Program. This facility provides top-notch addiction and medical treatment in a private and discrete Malibu location. The ultra-luxury amenities compare to the finest resorts and provide the comfort and relaxation often necessary for patients struggling with their addiction.

When to Seek Drug Addiction Treatment

Unfortunately, many drug addicts do not believe they need treatment. While it’s never too late to seek help, by the time an addict realizes they have a problem, they are often so reliant on using substances that they are already causing harm to themselves or their loved ones. If a person thinks they might have a problem, it’s important to begin treatment quickly.

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