Combatting Relapse with Mindfulness: A Journey Worth Exploring

Combating Relapse with Mindfulness: A Journey Worth Exploring

For many people, drugs and alcohol have served as a method for dealing with pain. Whether that be physical, mental, spiritual, or something else, substances have given individuals a reason to fill the emptiness inside of them with something to distract them. Even if it’s only a temporary measure, that brief time away from immediate thoughts or feelings of negativity feels great – after all, depression, anxiety, rumination, and more weigh heavily on our hearts. The unfortunate reality of addiction, however, is that it doesn’t help us work through the pain we’re experiencing – rather, it skips over it altogether. We can easily become entranced in this idea of never having to face what’s been looming in the dark for so long, only to find that we’ve become entrapped in a new kind of darkness – addiction.

Put simply, mindfulness is quite the opposite of addiction. While substances take us away from clarity, mindfulness reels us into the present moment and forces us to feel. The University of Kentucky defined mindfulness as, “Being intentionally aware in the present moment without judgment.”

With mindfulness, we become curious of our human experiences and allow ourselves to explore them rather than hide them away. Mindfulness often opens an entirely new world to us, as we navigate a journey of real human thoughts and feelings. It’s painful, it’s uncomfortable, and it’s different because we must adapt to it, but it’s incredibly worth it. In 2016, a study was published in the Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences that identified several ways in which people can practice mindfulness:

·    Yoga

·    Silent meditation

·    Self-reflection

Mindfulness can even combat relapse because it gives us an opportunity to work through our pain in healthy ways. As we uncover the layers of what’s been holding us back, we find that we’re human beings capable of recovering. Even through the pain, trials and tribulations – we can move forward. Incorporate mindfulness as a daily practice, starting today.

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Kimberly James

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