Common Perceived Barriers to Addiction Recovery and How to Overcome Them

Common Perceived Barriers to Addiction Recovery and How to Overcome Them

When we’re entering a space that is unknown to us, we may feel apprehensive about our capabilities of making it through. What if we don’t succeed? How will I know what I need to be doing? So much questions can flood our mind, and we may even feel like we have one foot in the door and one foot out of it, straddling the option of whether to move forward or not. Addiction recovery adds a layer of complexity to this, as it becomes not only a change – but a huge change that could affect our lives in some significant ways. If you’re having doubts, you’re not alone – but don’t hold back just yet, because there are some ways to overcome them.

A 2017 study published in the journal Drugs, Education, and Prevention Policy sought to explore some of the perceived barriers to recovery of those with methamphetamine addiction. There were 6 main barriers that they found, including:

·    Low self-efficacy – many individuals felt their addiction was too powerful to overcome

·    Conflicting thoughts about use – being torn between wanting to completely recovery versus one’s perceived control over use

·    Side effects of withdrawal – there was a major fear regarding the pain and anguish experienced with detoxification and withdrawal

·    Escaping the drug environment – individuals found it difficult to engage in activities and find new areas to go that did not involve drug use

·    Having friends or family prevent recovery – some people felt they didn’t have the support necessary to follow through with recovery

·    Not having an appropriate rehabilitation program – the programs mentioned by individuals didn’t always provide sufficient structure, support, and resources needed for recovery

Much of these fears can be found in not having the right tools to support a person through the ups and downs of recovery. By moving forward with the right treatment center, you’ll have a support system within your healthcare team, and with others attending the program. Residential programs provide an excellent space for you to not worry about escaping the drug environment, because it already maximizes this with a serene environment. Medical support can also be beneficial, as there are now several medications to assist those going through withdrawal. Don’t let your fears hold you back form recovering. Seek the help you need, today.

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