Free Will and Addiction: Do We Really Have a Choice?

Free Will and Addiction: Do We Really Have a Choice?

One of the most common debates is whether or not those struggling with addiction have a choice. Previous research has shown us that there’s a number of risk factors that can make a person more susceptible, such as genetics, environment, onset age of drug use, mental health status and more, but free will is still very much a part of addiction discussion. Much stigma surrounds addiction, as many people do not understand the many factors that can play into it. The idea of free will does have an impact – both on how people discuss addiction, and how those with addiction perceive themselves and their recovery.

A 2017 study published in the journal Addictive Behaviors Report sought to explore the relationship between free will and addiction; the authors discovered that individuals who believe they have less free will are more likely to have a history of addiction to alcohol and/or other drugs. Those that also believe they have less free will to decide are often more likely to perceive other things as addictive. If this is the case, what are the implications of free will for those with addiction?

It’s safe to say that oftentimes, choice is involved regarding first use of substances. But once those substances have made their way into our mind and body, do we still have a choice? Dr. Nora Volkow told the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) in 2015 that free will exits once addiction is involved. She stated, “The person who is addicted does not choose to be addicted; it’s no longer a choice to take the drug…. because of drug use, a person’s brain is no longer able to produce something needed for our functioning and that healthy people take for granted, free will.”

Addiction is such a powerful force that only sincere recovery can help a person move past it.

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