How Am I Supposed to Get Through the Holidays Sober?

How Am I Supposed to Get Through the Holidays Sober?

The holidays can be a difficult time for many in addiction recovery, as it’s often a time that reminds people of the friends, family, or past events that perhaps they can’t be around for a while. Susan E. Collins, a clinical psychologist and associate professor at the University of Washington, told Vice, “There are a lot of messages over the holidays from the media, and family, and friends, that alcohol is part of the celebration. It can be particularly hard, especially if someone is early on in their sobriety.”

If you’re feeling nervous about remaining sober this holiday season, the first step is to tell yourself that you will remain sober because you can. You are actively choosing to – and why? There are so many benefits to remaining sober this holiday season, such as:

·    Feeling proud of yourself for staying true to your recovery goals

·    Connecting with others who don’t plan to drink or use drugs either

·    Engaging in activities that are meaningful to you and that help you become stronger in your identity as a person in recovery

·    Be involved in the present moment, where lasting memories can occur – rather than moments that fade away too quickly because substance abuse is involved

·    Quality time with yourself, to do something that adds fulfillment to your life such as a new hobby

·    The opportunity to help others this holiday season

With so many benefits of remaining sober, you can plan out your entire day to involve others or even a day to relax at home by yourself. Develop a set plan for the holidays and what you’re going to do and stick to that schedule so that you don’t have time to feel down. After all, you’re on an amazing journey to recovery, and this holiday season, that is something to truly embrace. Be very compassionate to yourself this holiday season, because you’ve already come a long way.

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