How Can the Holidays Affect Those in Addiction Recovery?

How Can the Holidays Affect Those in Addiction Recovery?

The holidays can be a challenging time for those in recovery for many reasons. Our society really hinges on alcohol around celebrations, and this can trigger those in recovery. Many in recovery even find themselves missing the holidays with family because they don’t find it safe to do so with alcohol being present. If you’re in recovery right now, you may be experiencing a number of feelings – but know that you’re not alone. After all, the holidays are just days, and not everyone celebrates them like they’re shown on the big screen. Very Well Mind, a website that talks about disorders, self-improvement, and more, lists some very real concerns for those in recovery around the holidays:

·    Stress – whether it’s too much on the to-do list, stress surrounding family drama or something else, you have to practice mindfulness and pay close attention to your sleeping, eating, and exercise habits. This is key to preventing relapse related to stress.

·    People or places that remind them of using – some people find they have to avoid certain places or people because they bring up memories of using. If you have to do that this holiday season, accept that as an act of self-care.

·    Negative or otherwise challenging emotions – sadness, anger, hopelessness, guilt, fear and more can all trigger a response to want to revert to old habits again. Take preventative measures by calling on your support system and surrounding yourself with people who uplift you in recovery.

·    Getting caught up in the “celebrate” aspect of celebration – the holidays can be particularly dangerous if you’re feeling happy and carefree, because that confidence can easily translate to, “I can have just one drink.” Set boundaries for yourself, and don’t cross them. You’ll thank yourself later.

The holidays can be tricky, but they aren’t going to be the end of your recovery journey. You are absolutely capable of making choices that will be best for your health and well-being, and you have to have faith in that. Spend your holidays doing things that are conducive to your recovery – and don’t feel bad about placing your self-care first.

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