How Do Our Addictions Impact Other People Negatively?

How Do Our Addictions Impact Other People Negatively?

How Do Our Addictions Impact Other People Negatively?

We learn through our struggles with addiction that our addictive patterns affect not only us but the people closest to us. We don’t operate in isolation, and our choices, actions and behaviors can have far-reaching impacts that touch everyone in our lives. How do our addictions impact other people negatively?

One of the ways our loved ones are impacted negatively is through their own self-blame. They feel responsible for our addictions, whether or not they played any part in our self-destruction. They hold themselves accountable for the way our lives have turned out, even if there was nothing they could have done differently to change our experience or life outcomes. Our suffering can cause them to feel deeply sad and ashamed, contributing to their own mental health issues that are related to our addictions.

Another way we impact other people negatively through our addictions is by unconsciously, inadvertently influencing the development of their addictive patterns. When people look up to us and admire us, they might find themselves following our lead. Our younger siblings, for example, might want to be just like us and experiment with drugs and alcohol because they see us using them. They might idolize us and see our drug use as cool. They might think this is the way to get the validation and acceptance they long for.

Addiction can cause us to lose touch with the rest of the world, including the people we care about, because we can isolate ourselves in our own bubbles and think only of ourselves and how we’re going to score our next high. We aren’t always thinking clearly. We’re not in touch with our feelings. We’re often not in touch with reality. When we’re in this toxic place, we don’t realize the effects we’re having on other people, especially the people who love us. We think that our addictions are only hurting us, when in reality we’re hurting everyone who cares about us. When we finally realize this, we can be filled with remorse, regret and shame, all of which are emotions that we try to escape using our drugs of choice, thus fueling the recurring cycles of our addictions.

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Kimberly James

I am the founder and owner of The Beach House Treatment Center, The White House, Indigo Ranch, Sweetwater Mesa and Beach House Center for Wellness, all in Malibu, California.