In What Ways Can Nutritional Therapy Assist Me in Recovery?

In What Ways Can Nutritional Therapy Assist Me in Recovery?

Addiction depletes us of the necessary vitamins and minerals that we need. We become more easily dehydrated, and these changes often show in our appearance and through our weight. Many people with addiction find that they don’t eat enough, or they eat too much of the wrong foods – processed foods, sugary foods, and more provide no nutritional value and add more stress to our mind and body. As stated in Today’s Dietitian, nutritional therapy can provide a number of functions:

·    Nutrition therapy can help the body heal by providing nourishment that was lost from substance abuse

·    It can help stabilize mood and reduce stress

·    Cravings for drugs and alcohol can be reduced

·    Nutrition can help address some of the psychological concerns that have potentially occurred before or alongside substance abuse

·    Self-care and a healthier/more active lifestyle can be promoted

Overall, nutritional therapy supports a person’s mind, body, and spirit. When we’re feeling happier and healthier, we’re better able to take on meaningful activities and relationships that contribute to a more fulfilling life. Recovery is about regaining the tools that are needed to do this – and nutrition therapy further propels it. In 2016, In 2016, Maria Schellenberger, a student at the University of South California (USC), explained, “Ideally, [nutritional therapy] will be able to help minimize immediate issues in early recovery and slowly educate clients to prepare their own meals once they are no longer in a treatment facility. This long-term support is necessary to bring about lasting changes.”

Nutrition and medical attention should be specialized, as each person is different and requires different diets. If you’re considering nutritional therapy, be sure that your healthcare team will work closely with you to determine what your mind and body need to optimize at its best. Note that noticeable changes from nutritional guidance take time, but it’s these small steps that you can take each day that truly make the journey worthwhile.  

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