Individuals in Recovery Share What a “Good Outcome” in Treatment Means to Them

Individuals in Recovery Share What a “Good Outcome” in Treatment Means to Them

Although the term recovery has been used interchangeably in various contexts, there is an underlying assumption amongst many that recovery as it relates to addiction means to abstain – to no longer struggle with an active addiction. This is certainly true for many people, but recovery often involves much more than this. Whether you’re just beginning your journey to recovery or you’ve been working towards it for years, consider what recovery means to you personally. What words would you use to describe it?

A few years ago, researchers published a study in the journal Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy to gain a better understand for how others view their recovery. Our perspectives hold great weight on how we carry out our daily lives and how we make decisions, and the researchers interviewed 24 people in substance use disorder (SUD) treatment, as well as 12 friend and family members of those in treatment to get a multitude of perspectives. They found the following as key words used to describe what a good outcome in recovery means to them:

·    Abstinence

·    Health

·    Activities

·    Relationships

·    Social circumstances

·    Self-awareness

·    Wellbeing of family and friends

One individual in recovery shared their experience on The Fix, defining recovery as, “Being sober and working on the trauma and pain that caused me to use in a way that was harmful to me and those around me. It meant finding a way to live with my pain, heal my wounds, and lead a life that is no longer dominated by addictive behaviors.”

Perhaps the journey of recovery is about finding what it means to you – finding what makes you happy, healthy, and connected with others in the best of ways. Everyone’s journey to recovery is different, but the aspects mentioned from the study above bring to light that there are also many similarities. Now is the time to really find out what each of these mean to you, and to work towards building them.

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