Motivation and Sober Living: Everything You Need to Know

Motivation and Sober Living: Everything You Need to Know

Sobriety isn’t an easy journey – it’s a lifelong endeavor that we must work towards every single day. For many people, this winding path is so intimidating because they don’t know how they can see themselves embracing sobriety for the rest of their lives. What is often overlooked however, is the day-to-day motivation that makes up these long-term successes in recovery. It’s when we take things step by step and continue to push ourselves that we take the most important strides – and that’s when sobriety isn’t just a matter of surviving – it’s a matter of truly living.

An unfortunate belief of recovery is that it’s a “one time” process – almost as if once formal treatment is over, a person will be cured. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) even highlights that addiction cannot be cured – but it can be treated. Motivation is an incredibly influential factor to lifelong sobriety because without our reason for pursuing a sober lifestyle, we’re left following a daily routine that doesn’t speak to our hearts.

It’s quite natural, however, for there to be moments when we don’t feel motivated in recovery. During these periods of time, how can we boost our motivation again? A 2015 study published in the journal Substance Abuse Rehabilitation sought to explore the role of motivation in sober living; several focus groups were conducted with individuals in sober living communities, and researchers found that surrounding ourselves with others in recovery is one of the biggest influencers for motivation. They discovered that simply spending time with people who are working towards their recovery can:

·    Offer opportunities to help us feel understood

·    Help us recognize vulnerabilities in other people

·    Identify with recovery processes that others are going through

·    Receive supportive confrontation

·    Participate in mutual accountability

Even when we don’t feel as though we’re going to be able to push forward anymore, we can surround ourselves with others who lift us up. 12-Step programs, group therapy and more are excellent ways to continue motivating us in our journey towards sobriety.

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