Valentine’s Day: Is There A Relationship Between Love and Addiction?

Valentine’s Day: Is There A Relationship Between Love and Addiction?

In 2017, a writer of Tonic, a part of Vice Magazine that published content on mind, body, healthcare and more, shared her story with addiction. She explained that for her, heroin addiction was much like a love affair – she used the following words to describe her experience: “…The ecstasy of the first connection, the obsession with the person or substance, the craving induced by memories, the persistent behavior in the face of rejection and negative outcomes…”

This Valentine’s Day, love is a hot topic – and if we consider addiction, we can find that addiction is a lot like love. Another person shared their views on addiction via They stated, “…It was love at first sight for me when it came to drugs. Before long, nothing else mattered.”

When we’re in love, we’re not able to think clearly; our emotional learning processes are altered, and we go through stages in which our mind, body and spirit become attached to this significant other. We rely on that person to comfort us in times of stress, we may depend on them to lift us up when we’re feeling down, we often want to spend all of our time with them – and for many people, love becomes this obsession where all they can think about is their significant other.

In authors Stanton Peel and Archie Brodsky’s book, Love and Addiction, they note that this form of “love” is actually a form of dependency. Those who become obsessive in their relationships tend to view their loved one as an object. Manipulation can occur, and before long, a negative cycle is induced into the relationship. Much of the same dependency occurs with addiction – and this Valentine’s Day, those in recovery may wish to contemplate on this very metaphor of love as addiction.

Dependency involves unhealthy thinking and behavioral patterns, but it can be broken. If you’ve been struggling with substance dependency, don’t wait any longer to seek the help you need. It will take some time and effort, but there are many people ready to help you take that step forward. Seek help today.

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