What Are Some Holistic Approaches to Addiction Treatment?

What Are Some Holistic Approaches to Addiction Treatment?

Approaches to recovery can take on many different forms, but holistic recovery takes in many aspects of a person and how they all intertwine to create that person’s lived experience. Holistic approaches have become much more mainstream than they used to be, and this is mainly because experts in the addiction recovery world have found that certain wellness activities can benefit a person on multiple levels – not just one. In addition to this, we’ve learned over the years that some activities can positively affect individuals in some direct – and indirect – ways. U.S. News lists some of the top holistic approaches used in addiction recovery right now, and those include:

·    Yoga – according to Harvard Medical School, this holistic practice has been shown to release cortisol and adrenaline, both of which are involved with stress. When we’re less stressed, we’re more likely to feel less triggered to use substances – and there’s a host of other benefits that come from yoga too, such as flexibility, endurance, stability, and more.

·    Meditation – a more formal practice, meditation has been shown to actually help improve brain functioning over time, which can even reverse some of the harsh effects of addiction if practiced consistently.

·    Art therapy – if you’re looking for a creative outlet that will also spark some insight to your recovery, art therapy could be an excellent option. Art therapy can open up pathways for you to resolve conflicts, access your emotions, develop interpersonal skills, manage behavior, reduce stress, and increase your self-esteem.

Holistic treatment doesn’t have to occur alone; it can also work very well alongside traditional medicine, which really opens the door for a customizable treatment plan. While formalized therapy can help us move forward in recovery, holistic approaches tackle some of our deepest issues from a different angle. Sometimes they force us to face those issues head-on, while other times we do not discover what we’ve learned from our practice until days – even months – later.

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