What Are Two Challenges Those in Recovery Must Work Through?

What Are Two Challenges Those in Recovery Must Work Through?

The way a person experiences recovery is truly unique to them, as each person has different medical histories, substance abuse backgrounds, mental health concerns, environmental factors, thought processes, beliefs, traumatic experiences and more. This is a major reason why personalized treatment is critical for addiction recovery – to ensure that each person receives treatment that is best tailored to their needs. Recovery involves many highs and lows and is an overall learning process. Understanding the challenges that are most commonly faced in recovery may help a person prepare for what’s to come and, at the very least, can remind those in recovery that they’re not alone.

A 2016 study published in the journal Addiction Disorders & Their Treatment sought to explore some of the everyday problems that those recovering from methamphetamine addiction experienced. These were the two most prominent challenges they found:

Executive Functioning

Cognitive processes that are needed in daily life can be significantly affected by substance abuse. While these functions can be restored over time, they may present themselves as challenges for a while. Parts of executive functioning are:

·       The ability to organize and prioritize

·       Utilizing working memory and recalling short-term memories

·       Self-regulating emotions

·       Alertness and sustained effort in completing tasks

·       And more


The American Society of Addiction Medicine defined impulsivity as, “the inability to inhibit responses despite their negative consequences.” Substance abuse has a direct effect on neural pathways in the brain, which essentially escalates addiction over time – and can make a person more prone to relapse, too. This is why it’s incredibly important to take preventative measures, surround yourself with support, attend 12-Step programs and more during your first year of sobriety. While these two areas do serve as challenges, especially at the beginning of recovery, there’s no doubt that with the right nutrition management, exercise, sleep and more can have a significant positive influence on a person’s progress in recovery.

Don’t wait any longer to seek the help you need; the sooner you seek help, the smoother your recovery transition will be.

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