What Benefits Do I Gain from Being Sober?

What Benefits Do I Gain from Being Sober?

Many people find that sobriety is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, journeys they can embark on. When alcohol or drug addiction is involved, there’s no clarity. With sobriety, there’s a newfound sense of identity and a more realistic picture of what life means to you; sobriety is certainly terrifying at first because it involves taking steps that haven’t previously been taken before, but you’ll find that so many amazing lessons come out of it. If you’re currently pondering the benefits of sobriety, why not hear it from those who have witnessed these benefits themselves?

Holly Whittaker, a sobriety coach, teacher, writer, speaker, yoga and meditation instructor, explained what sobriety really brought to her on Hip Sobriety. She stated, “What unfolded was something beyond my wildest dreams. What unfolded was what happens when you decide for you and only you, and when you clear the space to make YOU happen.”

You see, there will be direct benefits – those that you specifically work towards (such as using the tools you’ve learned in rehab), and there will be indirect benefits – which are benefits that transpire from something else, rather than a direct objective that you had (such as replenishing your energy). There are so many benefits to sobriety, but here are just a few:

·    You get the chance to rewrite your story – or at least put a different path to it.

·    In taking care of your health, you’ll feel better – and you’ll look better, too.

·    You’ll become more confident in loving yourself, which is a huge step towards happiness and total wellbeing.

·    You’ll find life as a beautiful adventure with so many possibilities to take, rather than a means to an end.

·    You’ll discover new things about yourself that you didn’t know before.

·    You’ll be able to connect with people – and moments – in ways that are much more meaningful than when addiction was part of the picture.

Choose you, starting today. Choose your recovery, your happiness, your health, and your life. It’s well worth it.

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