What Families Need to Heal When Addiction Is Present

What Families Need to Heal When Addiction Is Present

What Families Need to Heal When Addiction Is Present

Addiction is often considered a family disease, and this is because everyone in the family can be affected to one degree or another. The pain experienced by not only watching a loved one struggle with addiction, but also the pain endured in taking on additional roles can be heartbreaking. Family stability is compromised when addiction is involved, because everything that family members could expect from their loved one suddenly shifts or stops completely. From there, family members must learn to adjust to this new way of living – whether they like it or not.

The movie “Beautiful Boy” really exemplifies the hardships that families go through when addiction is present in a loved one. Parents in particular may connect to the fear that’s present in most parents from Day 1 – that their child may spiral out of control. A review published in the journal Social Work and Public Health emphasized just how important therapy is for families as they navigate this treacherous path. Therapy can often help individual family members and the family as a whole collectively make sense of what’s happening, and how they can work through it.

Homeostasis is a term used to describe the family’s ability to maintain stability even when circumstances become shaky, and family therapy can help promote that. Much of the stress experienced by family members has to do with change, which can be extremely hard to work through. With all of these challenges in place, what do families need in order to heal?

  • Support – through both individual therapy, family therapy, and support groups such as Al-Anon
  • Guidance – as family members develop tools to help them find serenity amid chaos
  • Self-Care – continued practice of self-care to maintain personal mental and physical health
  • Time – healing from this does take a lot of time, and family members must be patient with themselves and with one another as they learn what form of healing works best for them

If your family is facing hardship while a loved one struggles with addiction, make the decision to seek help today. You do not have to face this alone – there are many people and resources ready to help you get through this.

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