Are There Holiday-Themed Mindfulness Exercises I Can Use in Recovery?

Are There Holiday-Themed Mindfulness Exercises I Can Use in Recovery?

The holidays can be a time of stress for many people. For whatever reason – whether it be too much pressure to create the “perfect” holiday gathering, worries related to triggers and relapse, avoidance of friends or family due to personal issues and more, it’s not always easy to navigate the holiday season. Those in addiction recovery are more vulnerable to this stress because they’re already working on their own self-care; if you’re concerned about being mindful this holiday season, there are some excellent strategies you can use to stay grounded.

Medical Daily, a website that covers topics such as vitality, innovative products, health conditions and more, provides some mindful meditation exercises to indulge in:

·    Take in the holidays using your senses by smelling the Christmas tree, closing your eyes and tuning into the music that’s playing, feeling the soft fabric that makes up a Santa costume, and mindfully eating a healthy breakfast

·    Count the number of red, green, or yellow lights on an ornament, Christmas sweater, or cookie tray

·    Go for a walk; you’ll be able to feel the crisp air while also taking in the holiday cheer that surrounds you

·    Drink some hot or cold tea in small sips as you focus on being in the present moment

There are so many different mindfulness tools you could use, and the best part is that you can practice them anyplace, anywhere. You don’t need anything particular – you just need motivation and the willingness to focus. You’ll find that as you practice mindfulness more this holiday season, you’ll feel less stressed and better equipped to handle whatever comes your way. Aldous Huxley, an English writer, novelist and philosopher once stated, “Experience is not what happens to you, it is what you do with what happens to you.”

Make the choice to open your heart and mind this holiday season to your experiences. Tune into your emotions and listen to what your body tells you. Follow your instincts, and live in the present moment.

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