Four Steps to Relational Healing

Four Steps to Relational Healing

“What happens when people open their hearts? They get better.”

–       Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood

Many people in addiction recovery experience emotional wounds from those of their past or present. As much we crave social connectedness as human beings, we are not exempt from hurting and being hurt by others. It’s a painful truth, and it never gets easier – but it’s not uncommon to rely on substances in an attempt to cover up that pain when it arises. Recovery isn’t just about healing the body physically from addiction, but rather the mind, body and spirit as a whole – because all of these components combined are truly what make up the human experience.

Relational healing is about working through that pain; no longer are we covering it up or pushing it to the side, but we are now giving it the attention that it deserves so that we can move forward from it in a healthy way. There are 4 main steps to relational healing, which clients can work through on their own pace:

1. Grieving – we must first admit to ourselves that we’re hurt because of what happened

2. Confrontation and Disclosure – often during this phase, clients write out their memories of what has happened, along with describing how others contributed to this pain and what they did to contribute to the pain as well

3. Forgiveness and Reconciliation – during this stage, clients often explore the option of forgiveness and moving forward from the event. Rather than giving power to the person who hurt them, the individual is choosing emotional freedom by letting go of that bitterness that has worn down on their heart for so long

4. Restoration and Healing – once a person has had time to come to terms with the situation, they can actively engage in rebuilding or maintaining the relationships that are enriching their lives

Healing from past wounds takes much time and effort, but it’s worth it because it allows you to release the negative energy that has been pent up inside of you.

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