Sand & Sun: What Are Some Benefits of Being Near the Beach Throughout Recovery?

Sand & Sun: What Are Some Benefits of Being Near the Beach Throughout Recovery?

When you think of peace and serenity, what do you think of? For many people, it’s the relaxing breeze blowing through their hair, the warm sun reflecting off beautiful ocean waves, and sparkling sand glimmering between their toes. According to a UCLA study conducted in 2016, the most common reason why people go to the beach is to “enjoy the scenery or relax.”  There’s no doubt that nature has a way of bringing us joy, and that’s why so many people seek it out on weekends, vacations and holidays – to escape some of that chaos back home and find balance.

Addiction recovery brings about a whirlwind of chaos on its own, with the mind, body and spirit impacted heavily. Those struggling with addiction often find themselves battling between the people and places at home that trigger them to abuse substances, versus getting away to a beautiful place that is purposefully designed to minimize triggers. A common wish among many in addiction recovery is to lead a “normal” life; Carla Marienfeld, MD and former professor of psychiatry at Yale Medicine, stated,“The goal is to help patients feel normal…Then they can focus on other aspects of their lives, such as working or parenting.”

In order to achieve this sense of normalcy, however, time and work in recovery must occur. Previous research has shown us that our environment can significantly impact the way we think and behave – and being in a location that promotes serenity can truly be uplifting. By focusing on your health while being near a beach, you gain access to nature’s beauty – a calming place with beautiful scenery to remind you time and time again of why your recovery matters. Who knows – it may be right there, by the sand and water, that you find yourself in ways you never would have imagined.

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