You Should Avoid Eating Too Much Sugar in Recovery, Here’s Why

You Should Avoid Eating Too Much Sugar in Recovery, Here’s Why

One person shared their story with addiction recovery on Here is an excerpt from their story: “Over the next few weeks in sobriety, this ritual continued. I wasn’t drinking my calories [from alcohol] anymore…and I deserved entire pints of ice cream, multiple bags of Haribo, and two chocolate croissants for breakfast.”

It’s not as openly discussed, but we see it all the time – people in recovery essentially switch from one addiction to another, as they pick up nicotine, caffeine, or sugar as an addiction replacement. What our mind and body got used to receiving on a regular basis has now turned into an uncomfortable period of healing, and it’s easy to rely on these seemingly harmless additions. A common thought with this is, “It’s not as bad as the substances I was abusing before, and that’s all that matters.”

Sure, not all addictions act the same – but addiction as a whole isn’t healthy for your mind, body, nor your spirit. Alcohol and other drugs cause an influx of dopamine, the “feel good” chemical, to release in the brain, and this same reward center is affected by sugar. The Fix further emphasizes that the fructose found in sugar can put further strain on your liver since we can’t digest it properly. For those who struggled with alcoholism and already have liver damage, sugar is definitely not a good option.

Now, you may be thinking, “I’m already working on addiction recovery, now I can’t have anything that I actually like to eat?!” That’s not necessarily true – there are many foods out there that haven’t been processed and that don’t use large amounts of sugar that you may find work well for your health. In fact, consider adding these foods to your diet and see how they fare against those sugar cravings:

·    Yogurt

·    Dark chocolate

·    Berries

·    Chia seeds

·    Legumes such as beans and chickpeas

By taking better care of your diet now, you can increase your chances of improved health in the future. Start keeping better track of your eating habits, and recognize when you’re starting to fall back into an addictive pattern.

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