Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Drug and alcohol addiction impacts different people in different ways, and therefore treatment for substance dependency should be different for each person. At The Beach House, we understand how vital an individualized approach to treatment is: our expert team evaluates each patient upon admission to our inpatient program, and forms a custom treatment plan tailored to their exact needs.

What is Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Inpatient treatment, also called residential treatment, is typically the first phase of treatment following physical detoxification. Many centers, The Beach House included, provide detox services on-site to ease the transition from detox to inpatient care. Residential drug and alcohol rehab is the traditional type of rehab in which patients live at a treatment center for an extended time — typically 30, 60 or 90 days — as they adjust to physical sobriety and develop the skills essential for maintaining a substance-free life.

Inpatient drug and alcohol rehab is one of the most time-tested and proven effective methods of addiction treatment. Inpatient programs give our patients a safe environment and atmosphere to end their physical dependency, learn about addiction and work through mental health concerns that influenced their decisions and actions. Inpatient programs ensure patients are shielded from trigger points that contribute to their substance abuse problems by providing a stress-free sober living space with full-time access to support staff. Inpatient treatment ensures that recovering addicts are surrounded by resources, specialists and support from peers who share their challenges.

Inpatient Drug Rehab
Inpatient Drug Addiction Treatment

Upon admission to residential treatment at The Beach House, patients undergo comprehensive diagnostic evaluations with our highly-trained medical professionals to assess current symptoms, behavioral or traumatic background and dual diagnosis or co-occurring mental health disorders. We’ll then work together with our patients to develop customized treatment plans based on our evaluations and diagnosis, and provide realistic individual goals for our patients to end their addiction and return to a successful normal life.

Who Needs Residential Substance Abuse Treatment?

Due to its effectiveness, inpatient treatment is typically recommended for anyone entering rehab for substance abuse. It provides more stability, support and cohesion than other options, especially at the outset of treatment when a patient is most likely to be vulnerable to relapse. Inpatient treatment can be especially beneficial for individuals who:

  • Have been struggling with an active addiction for some time
  • Experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop using drugs or alcohol
  • Have not been able to get sober on their own or with outpatient treatment
  • Have relapsed in the past
  • Are not living in a stable, substance-free environment
  • Do not have reliable transportation to and from outpatient treatment 

Residential treatment allows for better management of withdrawal symptoms and cravings in early recovery; it removes temptations and relapse opportunities by providing a completely substance-free living environment; it offers more focused attention from caregivers and it ensures access to treatment for the duration of the program.

Likewise, residential drug and alcohol treatment is appropriate for patients who have an addiction to any substance, but it may be especially necessary or beneficial in specific cases. Opioid addiction, for example, is known for its dangerous withdrawal symptoms — these patients are best treated in a residential setting so that medical professionals can ensure recovery is safe and seamless. It is similarly important to have medical supervision for severe forms of alcohol addiction, meth addiction, prescription drug addiction or cocaine addiction.

The best way to find out if residential treatment is the appropriate level is always to get an evaluation from a medical or addiction professional. The team at The Beach House can help — please call to learn more about our residential substance abuse programs and for admissions and evaluation information.

Our Medical Experts

Our world-renowned medical team has decades of experience providing residential drug and alcohol rehab treatments for people fighting addiction. In addition, The Beach House works in partnership with local clinics and the prestigious UCLA Medical Center, so patients have extra well-being, detoxification, withdrawal, behavioral and addiction support if necessary.

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Our Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Programs

We provide a variety of residential drug and alcohol treatment programs for patients looking to regain control of their addiction. Our residential rehabilitation centers in Malibu near Los Angeles make it a little easier for patients who are struggling to kick their addiction and restore their lives.

1. Professionals Program

The professionals’ program provides comfortable, relaxing and substance-free living arrangements for patients whose addiction has negatively impacted their health, career, family and overall well-being. Individuals in this program are housed at Serra Bluff, Sweetwater Mesa, Indigo Ranch or The Beach House, but receive treatment at the nearby Center for Wellness.

Patients in the Professionals Program receive comprehensive diagnostic evaluations, customized treatment based on underlying dual diagnoses or co-occurring disorders and one-on-one therapy with our trained psychiatric and psychological professionals.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment

2. Executive Program

The Executive Program caters to addicts who may require more individualized attention and assistance ending their drug or alcohol dependency. Patients in this program will live and receive treatment in The Beach House, a high-class residential facility on a private beach in Malibu that provides all the luxury and style of the world’s top resorts. Highly-trained medical experts will closely supervise and monitor patients’ withdrawal management, while providing general health, psychiatric and psychological evaluations, resources and community support throughout the recovery process.

Patients in the Executive Program receive comprehensive diagnostic evaluations, customized treatment based on underlying dual diagnoses or co-occurring disorders, detoxification services and one-on-one therapy with our trained psychiatric and psychological professionals.

3. Executive Concierge Program

The Executive Concierge Program provides extreme luxury and exclusivity for patients looking for private and discrete inpatient drug and alcohol detox treatments. Patients will live at the White House along a private beach in Malibu, the ultimate destination for relaxation and stress-free living while recovering from their addiction and preparing to return to normal life. 

Patients in the Executive Concierge Program receive access to extreme luxury and amenities during their inpatient stay, in addition to comprehensive diagnostic evaluations, customized treatment based on underlying dual diagnoses or co-occurring disorders, detoxification services and one-on-one therapy with our trained psychiatric and psychological professionals.

Next Steps After Inpatient Treatment

It’s important to understand that completing a residential substance abuse program does not mark the end of recovery from addiction. Addiction is a chronic illness that requires lifelong management and lifestyle changes to keep it under control. While residential drug and alcohol treatment provides a vital first step toward consistent sobriety, patients have better outcomes when they choose to follow inpatient care with ongoing outpatient treatment or support. This may take the form of an outpatient treatment program to ease the transition from full-time care to independent life, or it may take the form of regular mental health counseling or support group or 12-Step meeting attendance.

When our patients prepare to leave residential substance abuse treatment at The Beach House, our team works with them to create a plan for their continuing care. Our staff will evaluate patients’ progress since admission and their current health, and we will make our expert recommendation for the next stage of recovery to ensure that the risk of relapse is kept to a minimum.

Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab for All Needs

We understand how difficult it can be to manage addiction. When addicts realize they have a problem, it’s time to find a treatment program that caters to their needs and goals. That’s exactly what they’ll get when they work with our addiction professionals. 

Contact The Beach House

Are you ready to take control of your substance abuse problem? Speak with one of our trained inpatient drug and alcohol rehab experts today. Our residential substance abuse treatment programs in the Malibu and Los Angeles area might be right for you.

Call or text The Beach House at (310) 853-8664 to discuss your individualized treatment program options.

Inpatient Drug Rehab
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For serious instances of substance abuse, life-threatening periods of withdrawal, and disruptive problems, inpatient drug rehab is a good solution.