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Welcome to Beach House Treatment, the most individualized and customizable treatment process in the world. Treating a disease as complex as substance use disorder (addiction) is seldom straightforward and no two cases are exactly the same. While a one-size fits all approach has long dominated our field we have found that the best results are often realized through a truly individualized treatment process rather than a program. Successful treatment should always consider each aspect of the disease and address the bio/psycho/social/spiritual aspects of recovery. At Beach House Treatment, holistic treatment isn’t a tagline, it is a core belief and guiding principal that governs all we do.

The level of individual attention and specialized treatment our patients enjoy was once reserved for a very elite group for whom finances were not a barrier.  Recently, we have adapted our model in order to treat a larger population. We are now able to utilize patient’s insurance coverage as well as scale services allowing us to work with those for whom this level of customized treatment was previously unattainable.

We invite you to take your time exploring our site and better familiarizing yourself with our scope of services. You are also more than welcome to call anytime, all of our calls are taken onsite by our employees as is our “chat” function, we never send our calls to outside call centers. We are not a liner “program” like many in our field, we build a process around our patients moving always towards  recovery.

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