Sweetwater Mesa Sober Living

Sweetwater Mesa

Sober Living
3380 Sweetwater Mesa Rd.
Malibu, CA 90265

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The grounds of Sweetwater Mesa consist of multiple pathways surrounding the property that allow you to take in the grand views of the pacific ocean.

The property has a beautiful pool, fire pit, orchid garden and avocado trees.

Sweetwater Retreat is located in Malibu and known for it’s large lots, luxurious homes and privacy.

It’s located in a guarded gated community right off of Pacific Coast Hwy.

Malibu, California is the perfect place to get sober with rolling beaches and decadent landscapes. Our Sober Living Environment is located on a private residence in Malibu, and we’re dedicated to assisting your recovery and continued sobriety.

The Malibu Beach Sober Living program requires more than just beautiful views, though. We require your commitment to a full recovery. Our bespoke programs are individually tailored to suit every person’s needs, and aim to provide them with the platform and support they need for sober living. Our dedicated staff will hold you accountable for your recovery- it’s not always going to be a cakewalk. We believe that with our help you will be able to achieve your sober living goals long-term. Residents at our sober living environments have varied lifestyles and schedules. Some are temporary, while others are permanent. Some have outside jobs, while some may volunteer at the center full-time. We understand that flexibility and diversity is crucial. The main thing that bonds all of our residents together is their dedication to sobriety.

We realize that some residents may need clinical care- and we work closely with clinicians in order to achieve this. Transportation is also offered on demand- and some residents may drive their personal vehicles if it is deemed safe and necessary.

Our Malibu Beach Sober Living program boasts awe-inspiring surroundings and an inspirational environment coupled with a comprehensive understanding and support system for the most vulnerable of residents. We accept anyone who is willing to meet the requirements we set out- this can include those who have been discharged from drug rehabilitation programs. People get sober in many different ways; there’s no one clear-cut path. We accept anyone who is willing to begin their own sober living journey.

Despite all of this- we understand that “falling off the wagon” can happen. We don’t pass judgment on those that have relapsed- we simply implement changes to guide them back “onto the wagon” so to speak. Many of our residents have been entered into drug rehab programs previously (perhaps a number of times) and find that living in a clean and sober environment such as our own is the best step they can take to further their lives and diminish temptations or negative external influences.

If this is you- you may want to give our sober living environment a try.

sweetwater mesa treatment facility
sweetwater mesa treatment facility
serra bluff transitional living facility
serra bluff transitional living facility

Our Distinctive Program

Our Distinctive Program acts as a transitional safe space between your initial treatment and your subsequent return to a sober, renewed life. Relaxing in an opulent, beautiful environment whilst taking steps to further your recovery offers you a glimpse of the beautiful future you can look forward to. Your bespoke recovery plan will take into account your individual goals and needs- facilitating a smooth transition from a clinical world back into “real life” and all the temptations that inevitably come with it. Our professional team will assist you from day one- guiding you through the admission and induction process whilst getting you acquainted with the luxurious surroundings and confidence-building activities. You’ll meet other people who are in recovery just like you, and you won’t have to feel so alone. We provide you with balanced nutrition, mindful planning and any necessary rest. Using feedback loops, we will guide you as you examine to best possible road to continued recovery and sober living.

What services do you provide?

Our staff will provide you with the most appropriate home during the duration of your stay. We understand that one size does not fit all; and that many residents will have individual preferences. Malibu Beach Sober Living offers a number of services and amenities to our residents should it be necessary. We strive to ensure that none of the services or amenities we provide will deter you from completing your initial steps to recovery. Nonetheless, we also understand that one cannot be physically separated from potential sources of addiction forever- and we hold our residents accountable for their actions when necessary to do so.

Ancillary Services

We proudly offer ancillary services to all Malibu Sober Living Environment residents as and when they need them. We shape these services according to the resident’s individual progress, and consider whether they may need additional services in order to further their recovery path.

Malibu Sober Living Activities

Psychiatry and/or Therapy: This can include psychotherapy, group therapy, hypnotherapy, life coaching, and spiritual counseling.

Spiritual Studies and Services: Residents are more than welcome to practice or explore spiritual practices. Agape, Self Realization Fellowship, and Buddhist Temples all reside nearby.

Religious Services: Religion may be an important part of a resident’s recovery process. Malibu is host to many houses of worship for numerous faiths and denominations.

12 Step Meetings: 12 Step Meetings can easily be attended in nearby Malibu, Santa Monica, and Brentwood if residents wish to do so. Having a support network such as this can be crucial to many people in recovery. Being surrounded by others who are experiencing similar emotional struggles can help to “lighten the load” for those in recovery. Though there may often be negative stories or “shares” a lot can be learned by listening to (and sympathizing with) others. The experiences of others may inspire or inform your own personal path to recovery.

Individual Step Work: The 12 Step Program is no cakewalk- and the program itself requires a lot of detailed comprehension. We can provide you with the resources for understanding the 12 Step Program in detail.
Sponsor Support: Some people may require a sponsor to help them through the 12 steps, and to show them guidance when attempting to apply the 12 Step principles to everyday life. As well as being a support system- sponsors can provide insight, knowledge and experience to residents.

Reading Materials: We can supply books from AA, Narcotics Anonymous and other similar organizations whose books are shown to be supportive and conducive in the recovery process.

Journal Entries: Writing allows us to express our emotions and thoughts- whether they be good or bad. Writing freely and without judgment can often reveal our inner thoughts and feelings. It is useful to express ourselves in this way, so that thoughts may be revealed, processed, and clarified.

Yoga and Meditation: Yoga has natural physical benefits, and teaches you to be mindful of your breath and your body. Yoga is available to participate in daily. Meditation can help to center, clear and control the mind. Meditation training can be especially useful for those experiencing intrusive or tempting thoughts, and may guide the mind towards clarity.

Body Work: We offer weekly, in-house massages. We also encourage residents to try acupressure, acupuncture, Thai massage, Reiki, and energy work. All of these massage techniques are proven to relax the body and mind.

Seaside Activities: Our center has exclusive access to Little Dume Beach; boasting some of the most amazing surfing conditions you’ll find in California. A number of our recovery staff offer surfing lessons to those interested. Fishing and kayaking are also available activities.

Community Service: Volunteering work can be very helpful and inspiring during the recovery process. We can provide you with the resources to take up community service in the local area. Groups and individual residents can subsequently choose to work with an eclectic mix of needy groups. These include animals, children, the elderly, homeless people, victims of domestic violence, and more.

Sober Living Activities
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We aim to provide a supportive environment for men and women who are looking to continually build and enjoy a clean and sober lifestyle. Malibu Beach Sober Living accommodates all those who are willing to fully dedicate themselves to the recovery process. We are proud to have created an environment with an experienced team that can help people suffering from co-existing disorders and substance dependence problems such as:


We define this as a person who suffers from physical, mental, or psychological dependence on a substance. If an individual meets our requirements- we expect them to comply with a complete abstinence from alcohol, marijuana, opiates, prescription drugs and any other mood-altering chemicals- legal or not.


We define “trauma” as a person who has suffered an extreme psychological or physical trauma in their life. If our requirements are met- our homes can be adapted to suit whatever disability the individual’s trauma has left in its wake. Trauma survivors long for a sense of freedom in their lives- and we aim to facilitate this.

Eating Disorders

We define this as a person who struggles with anorexia, bulimia, over-eating, unhealthy eating, or binge eating. We aim to provide nutritional and emotional support and rehabilitation to those suffering with eating disorders.

Personality and Mood Disorders

We define this as those suffering from Depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorders, personality disorders, and borderline personality disorders. Individuals with these traits will be monitored closely when they come into our homes, and we will work to provide them with life skills whilst living a life of sobriety.