beach house staff member

Charles Bentz, CPA

Charles is the co-founder and owner of The Beach House Malibu. Charles graduated from Villanova University with a BS in Accounting. Additionally, he began his professional finance career in New Jersey at Deloitte. He worked as an executive on Wall Street for over two decades, most notably at BlackRock, Inc. and Prudential Securities. Charles co-founded Malibu Beach Sober Living in 2008.

He has been trained as an interventionist by Ken Seeley, John Southworth, Jane Mintz, Dr. Judith Landau, Bill Maher, Dr. Jim Tracy and Jean Campbell. Charles has also participated in the UCLA Certified Addiction and Drug Abuse Counselor (CADAC) Program.  He has been sober since 2001 and has mentored numerous individuals in recovery. He continues to work as a consultant in the financial services industry.

Kimberly James

I am the founder and owner of The Beach House Treatment Center, The White House, Indigo Ranch, Sweetwater Mesa and Beach House Center for Wellness, all in Malibu, California.