Smartphone Applications Are Making Their Way into Recovery

Smartphone Applications Are Making Their Way into Recovery

With literally millions of smartphone applications out there on the market, it wasn’t going to be long until apps were created to help those with addiction and mental health concerns. Technology is used now more than ever before, and researchers are finding that these apps could be helping individuals retain their recovery goals – even long after formalized treatment has ended.

A 2018 study published in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment sought to explore just how well recovery apps helped those in recovery regarding self-monitoring and self-management. A total of 75 people participated in the study, and researchers found that the smartphone app platform was completed much more easily than those who had to complete interviews. They also found that of those in the app group, drug use was significantly lower the upcoming weeks compared to those in the study who didn’t use the app. Why might this be? There are many reasons why apps provide a ground-breaking approach to recovery, such as:

·       The ability to record thoughts and feelings

·       Software to identify patterns in behavior

·       Record-keeping as it relates to triggers and cravings

·       Immediate interaction and feasibility regarding additional resources for addiction-related support

·       And more

In 2016, researchers conducted a review published in the journal Frontiers in Psychiatry, emphasizing that e-health can not only be used towards educating people on addiction and recovery, but can also be used towards reinforcing some of the tools and monitoring that’s needed in order for people to meet their recovery goals.

Can or should apps be used in replacement of treatment? Absolutely not – as they don’t provide enough personalized support and treatment methods that can be found in a reputable treatment center. However, apps could become a more prominent component of many in recovery – and hopefully, with the progression of technology, more people will be able to carry out their goals of happiness and health.

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