Red Songbird Foundation & Beach House Treatment

Mental Health Scholarship

Beach House Treatment Malibu’s Charles Bentz, in extensive collaboration with Recovery Advocate Jason Wahler, is proud to announce a scholarship grant by the Red Songbird Foundation and founder – Hilary Roberts! This scholarship will allow a single individual to receive a full episode of treatment and care within our residential community here in Malibu.

Please fill out the application below. You will receive a confirmation email upon receipt. Please only submit one form. The person filling out the application should also be the person in need of treatment. If you are seeking treatment for someone other than yourself – Please reach out to us at (310) 924-0780 and we will assist you.

Applications are reviewed internally and the scholarship recipient  will be selected based on certain objective need and availability criteria. All scholarship decisions are contingent upon the candidate being clinically appropriate for Beach House Treatment Malibu’s program. Information you provide is completely confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of Beach House Treatment, Red Songbird Foundation & Jason Wahler.

Jason Wahler, Hilary Roberts & Charlie Bentz