Sober Living

When inpatient treatment is no longer needed but patients are still looking for support with their sobriety and help with adjustment to life without their addictions, sober living facilities become a good alternative. Sober living facilities allow patients a comforting transitional phase as they begin to reenter a life of sobriety.

The Differences Between Rehab Facilities and Sober Living

While rehab facilities and sober living housing both provide safe, relaxing and clean accommodations for patients, it’s important to note the differences. When patients are admitted to rehab, they will stay there for a predetermined amount of time while working to gain control over their addiction. The medical professionals on site will develop comprehensive treatment programs based on a variety of current and existing factors to create customized treatment plans to which patients agree and then must follow. The majority of those treatments are held at their residential rehab facility, but patients will still have support of family or friends on the outside, although many of the communication may be done via the telephone or video chats.

Sober living facilities are designed to help patients associate sobriety with normal daily routines, while maintaining an atmosphere and environment that reduces the pressure and stresses which may lead to relapses. Patients are given more freedom to come and go for situations like a job or family time, and individuals in sober living facilities may not be required remain a resident for a set period of time. These homes provide a simulated normal atmosphere, which may include household chores, meal preparation and cleaning. Some sober living homes may have a curfew, with career exceptions, or might perform random drug testing on residents to ensure they are maintaining their sobriety.

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The Beach House Sober Living Services

Patients staying in our sober living and transitional houses will have a support system of peers and other addicts in their living facility. In addition, everyone staying in our sober living houses will have access to treatment and therapeutic services at our Center for Wellness outpatient clinic. There, our patients will receive the same level of proven and evidence-based therapy sessions, customized for each individual addict and the severity of their dependency. Our medical staff have a particular expertise in trauma and underlying conditions that may contribute to addiction patterns. We’ll also perform dual diagnoses and check for co-occurring disorders which may play a factor in our patients’ dependencies.

Once a treatment plan is established, our Center for Wellness will act as a home base for recovery sessions. Patients will participate in group sessions as well as one-on-one wellness, psychological and psychiatric checks with one of our trained behavioral and medical professionals. We’ll even provide a strategy for post-treatment so patients do not lose the support system they’ve established to gain control over their dependencies.

As an added bonus, our sober living houses are located in the heart of one of the best recovery communities in the world. Our dedicated staff and services help our patients create a new sober life through community support groups that empower them to sustain their recovery through strong willpower and non-harmful stress relief tactics.

The Beach House Sober Living Facilities

Our sober living facilities combine the ultra-luxury of our inpatient residential facilities with the freedom needed to help patients complete their return to a normal lifestyle. Our transitional houses are located up the Pacific Coast Highway just steps from some of Malibu’s best beaches and provide amenities that rival some of the country’s most exclusive resorts and day spas. Our sober living system balances the luxury and exclusivity of The Beach House’s best residential facilities with structure and available 24/7 support needed to return to normal life – and is a perfect alternative for patients who may not have the means to afford an all-intensive rehabilitation program.

Are you ready to take control of your substance abuse and addiction problem? Speak with one of our trained sober living experts today.

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